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C# Developer

 Prague   Full time

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Senior Vue JS / React Developer

 Prague   Full time

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Senior PHP Developer

 Prague   Full time

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Reasons to join us

Solve the yet unsolved

On a daily basis, we face complex and unique problems that have not been solved yet, therefore, you do not have to be worried about routine work. As a member of our team, this will enable you to grow and build your competencies, knowledge, and skills.

Flexibility of start-up with the stability of established company

If the work is done, unlimited PTO and possible remote are absolute commonplace with us. Also, you will not be frustrated by any unnecessary bureaucracy as we communicate directly among us. However, this does not mean we are missing stability because our funding is secured.

Freedom to work on what you are best at

Thanks to our start-up spirit, you can easily influence the future direction of the whole company. You can grow into the role which suits you and you have the freedom to choose where you want to make an impact.

Professional but still keeping it relaxed

We are professionals from different backgrounds aiming to keep maximum productivity. We value constructive feedback and learning from our mistakes. But this would not be possible without our relaxed atmosphere and a family-like team that ensure honesty and transparency.

Keeping pace with up-to-date technologies and tools

Considering we are a technology company working on financial markets that are rapidly evolving, we must keep pace by using the newest technologies. We constantly try to educate ourselves and keep up with the latest trends. That's why as our employees, we will provide you with all the tools that allow you to work seamlessly.

Growth is written in our DNA

The timing matters

You have the unique opportunity to join ATOL Capital from the beginning and to influence the future as much as possible. You will experience building a global company and being a part of its success.

We have the strengths of a start-up but lack the weaknesses typical for young businesses. We have a clear vision executed by experienced management and backed by sufficient resources.

Clear vision

Experienced management

Secured funding

Our core values

Freedom and responsibility

We do what we love and we love what we do. We trust each other, communicate openly and keep our promises. Simple.


We have ambitious goals that drive our activities forward. We want to be the best and we understand how to achieve this in the long term and how much effort it costs.

Endless development and growth

We cannot afford to stand still as the world changes. Every small investment is a huge contribution to our future. We aim to grow both in knowledge and numbers.


We have eight years of deep crypto market expertise, development of financial products and a track record of making profound progress.

Lubos Kovar

COO & Co-FounderLubos Kovar - linkedin

Stepan Svoboda

CEO & Co-FounderStepan Svoboda - linkedin

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